1.1. These General Terms and Condition for Carriage, apply to all flights for which Charter Agreement has been concluded with Paradox Jets Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Paradox Jets”).

1.2. These General Terms and Conditions for Carriage are published on Paradox Jets website www.paradoxjets.com


2.1 Every Passenger is personally responsible for complying with all important regulations associated with the journey (e.g. passport, visa and health regulations, including for any pets accompanying the Passenger), as well as for the completeness and intactness of travel documents.

2.2 Paradox Jets LTD will only transport a Passenger upon presentation of complete and valid travel documents and a valid passport/identity card/visa or, in the event of loss of the original documents, suitable replacement documents, upon timely processing of the Passenger. This also applies for pets.

2.3 In the event of a Passenger’s failure to meet immigration or emigration requirements, in particular due to incomplete or inadequate travel documents, is entitled to refuse to transport the Passenger and to charge the Passenger with all costs and losses resulting therefrom.


3.1 Baggage and freight limitations will be set out in the concluded Charter Agreement, and relevant to it Annexes, for each flight separately.

3.2 The transportation of animals is generally prohibited, unless separately agreed upon in the concluded Charter Agreement.

3.3 The transportation of hazardous material is prohibited on all flights of “ Paradox Jets ”.

3.4 The passengers of the aircraft, are not allowed to take along the following objects:

3.4.1 Objects that might endanger the plane, equipment on board, or people. This includes, in particular, explosives, compressed gases, oxidizing, radioactive, caustic or magnetizing material, highly flammable material, toxic or aggressive materials, and also all kinds of liquid substances, i.e. all objects or substances that are classified as hazardous material according to the provisions of the dangerous goods regulation;

3.4.2 Objects that are not suitable for transportation because of their weight, size or nature;

3.4.3 All kinds of weapons, especially fire arms, cutting or thrust.  weapons, as well as containers under gas pressure that might be used for purposes of attack or defense;

3.5 Electronic devices shall be switched off or in flight mode if available before departure and landing.


4.1 “ Paradox Jets ” will accept liability only for damage occurring during the flights for which Charter Agreement has been concluded.

4.2 “ Paradox Jets ” has affected a passenger legal liability with an amount guaranteed per passenger of SDR 250,000.00, as well as insurance for baggage damage amounting to SDR 1,131.00 per passenger. If “ Paradox Jets ” is at fault, compensation will be paid for damage incurred up to this amount. Any compensation paid by the insurance is offset to the liability claims against “ Paradox Jets ”, and/or the claims for compensation against “ Paradox Jets ” will expire, unless this is excluded by law.

4.3 The liability of “ Paradox Jets ” shall be excluded, in particular, for:

4.3.1 damage caused by third parties;

4.3.2 all kinds of damage, costs and expenses incurred by the Customer because of non-performance on the part of “ Paradox Jets ”, unless such damage and/or expenses have been caused by gross negligence or with intent;

4.3.3 indirect and consequential damage, for which reason whatsoever.

4.4 The liability of “ Paradox Jets ” is based on the Montreal Convention dated 28.5.1999, as well as Regulation (EC) 2027/97 as amended by Regulation (EC) 889/2002, as well as the mandatory Bulgarian standards. According to this statutory basis, liability shall be limited to the compulsory limit.

4.5 “ Paradox Jets ” will not accept any liability for damage (especially loss of income and/or loss of profit as well as other pecuniary loss) incurred as a consequence of delays or non-performance caused by force majeure, bad weather conditions or third-party instructions, provisions or regulations that have made the performance of the flight impossible for reasons of safety.

4.6 “ Paradox Jets ” will not accept any liability for damage (especially loss of income and/or loss of profit as well as other pecuniary loss) incurred as a consequence of delays of passenger, baggage or freight conveyances, or the required approach of alternative airports, unless such damage has been caused by “ Paradox Jets ” grossly negligent or willfully.

4.7 The Passengers shall be obligated to immediately notify “ Paradox Jets ” about any injury of passengers or damage to the baggage that occurred during conveyance by “ Paradox Jets ”, but not later than immediately after finishing conveyance. In case of non-compliance with this reporting requirement, “ Paradox Jets ” will not accept any liability.


5.1 The passenger acknowledges that the personal data provided by him may be used by “ Paradox Jets ” for the purposes of issuing of passenger manifest, passenger master ticket, provision of board service, payment transactions, safety and immigration purposes, administrative purposes, statistical records, customer relations, as well as marketing purposes of “ Paradox Jets ”. The Customer may revoke such use of the data for the above mentioned purposes at any time in writing."