Paradox Jets Ltd is headquartered in Plovdiv , Bulgaria and is fully licensed EASA AOC operator (license NXX) governed by the Bulgarian Civil Aviation Authority. The company’s main business activities is private jet charter using it’s own fleet of aircrafts as well as Aircraft Management . Our business charter service is a combination of advanced technologies in the aviation operations and management, highly efficient new fleet with most luxurious features. Our business is established by a group of private investors and is operated by experienced professionals, co-operating in partnership with well known industry leaders.

Paradox Jets offers the finest lifestyle solution for the modern luxury travellers by ensuring a direct access to those airports typically inaccessible to commercial airlines and larger private jets, with greater flexibility and premium quality service.

In today’s fast pace environment Paradox Jets is focused in providing time-saving flight solutions aimed at increasing business productivity and efficiency, flying with a private jet on-demand in Europe, with a very short notice, being in complete control of your own schedule. Paradox Jets is internationally recognized for its transparent pricing, efficient operations, and unparalleled customer service.